Managing-connectivity-conflict-EU-India-cooperation-and-Chunas-belt-and-road-initiative-Clingendael and IDSA

Managing Connectivity Conflict: EU-India Cooperation and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Think Tanks Twinning Initiative author 2019, Clingendael, IDSA, Publications, The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

Connectivity initiatives are the latest geopolitical tool for advancing influence in international relations and diplomacy. Against the backdrop of an emerging connectivity conflict, the responsibility is on likeminded countries and organizations to promote initiatives that embody transparency and universalism in connectivity projects and that benefit citizens in the long term. The EU and India are two important actors in this …

European-and-Indian-Perceptions-of-the-Belt-and-Road-Initiative - JNU, The Federal Trust and The Global Policy Institute

European and Indian Perceptions of the Belt and Road Initiative

Think Tanks Twinning Initiative author 2019, GPI, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Publications, The Federal Trust, The Global Policy Institute

It is becoming clear that China’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) linking Asia and Africa with Europe through a network of various transportation corridors could fundamentally reshape the geo-economics and geopolitics of the whole Eurasian region and beyond. As the initiative has huge implications for the EU and India; the paper has captured evolving European and Indian BRI narratives. …

Charting-EU-India-Cooperation - GPPI and Carnegie India

Charting EU-India Cooperation on Connectivity

Think Tanks Twinning Initiative author 2019, Carnegie India, Global Public Policy Institute, GPPI, Carnegie India publications, Publications

While initially a response to the massive infrastructure deficit in Asia, today the term ‘connectiv- ity’ is laden with strategic and political implications. This is largely a result of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its very visible political, financial, and environmental impact across Europe and Asia. With its new Communication on Euro-Asian Connectivity, the EU aims to posi- …


East Africa, India and Europe: Norms to enhance Indian ocean commerce

Think Tanks Twinning Initiative author 2019, Chatham House, European Union Institute for Security Studies, Observer Research Foundation, ORF, Chatham House, EUISS – Publications, Publications

The paper seeks to identify key trade linkages in Indian Ocean littoral states in East Africa along with Indian Ocean island states as a means of understanding the scope for India and the European Union to cooperate in establishing transparent rules-based norms for supply chains in the region. Both India and the European Union are key trading partners for the …

China’s-Belt-and-Road-Initiative-(BRI) - Manipal academy of higher education and Centre for Europe, Poland

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): India’s and EU’s Perspectives

Think Tanks Twinning Initiative author 2019, Centre for Europe - University of Warsaw -Poland, Manipal academy of higher education, Publications

The concept, or vision of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), presented in autumn 2013 by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, came as a surprise even in China, which had been following a low-profile strategy (taoguang yanghui) proposed by the “father of reforms” Deng Xiaoping for the two previous decades. Simultaneously, it came as an even bigger surprise to the outside …