Development Cooperation Partnerships: Forging an EU-India-Japan Trilateral in Africa

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Competing Asian economies such as China, Japan, and India have in recent years become progressively more active investors, traders, and lenders in African nations. Africa as a continent has figured significantly in their foreign policy strategies. These Asian powers have employed more persuasive strategies to mark their presence, both as bilateral and multilateral partners, in this ever-demanding continent that is strategically vital to most powers in world politics today. While tapping into Africa’s
vibrant markets and energy resources continue to be their prime strategic intent, contributing to underdeveloped socio-economic conditions in the continent through attractive infrastructure
development and human resource development allows these economies to maintain stronger political
contacts to serve their respective national interests.

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Seizing the Momentum: Avenues for EU-India Maritime Cooperation in a Connectivity Context

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In recent years, rising competition in the maritime spaces have pushed many actors to critically rethink their policies towards the security and governance of the high seas. In the Indian Ocean Region, China’s Maritime Silk Road (MSR) as part of the broader Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been central to this growing sense of competition.

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Managing Connectivity Conflict: EU-India Cooperation and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

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Connectivity initiatives are the latest geopolitical tool for advancing influence in international relations and diplomacy. Against the backdrop of an emerging connectivity conflict, the responsibility is on likeminded countries and organizations to promote initiatives that embody transparency and universalism in connectivity projects and that benefit citizens in the long term. The EU and India are two important actors in this …